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The Rise High Foundation is a non-profit, in honour of Nicholas Ramdeyall, that empowers young adults (13 - 25 years of age) with micro-funding so that they can participate in sports, arts, health/wellness, and/or technology activities that may otherwise be financially out of reach.   

Need financial help to achieve your goals? Currently we are funding Canadian residents aged 13 - 21 who are looking to fund an activity or sport that contributes to their well being and personal growth.  

- Launching Summer 2021 - 

We keep our costs low and your impact high. Our 100% digital micro-funding platform allows you to empower young adults with the funding to participate in activities that can help shape their future in a positive way. 

- Launching Spring 2021 - 


The Rise High Foundation was inspired by and created in memory of Nicholas Ramdeyall, whose life was tragically cut short on September 1, 2020 due to a bike accident.

Nicholas, known as Nick to his friends, was the type of young man you want all teenagers to strive to be.  He was a loving son, a loyal friend and an integral part of many families. His thoughtful way of being, his willingness to put others first and the way he ensured you always have every need met, has become his trademark and an unforgettable legacy.

Nick has been a beautiful link in many communities and was always able to listen, and adapt wherever he was.  We lost a rare gem and gained a beautiful angel.  For those of you that met Nick, you know exactly the fine young man he is, but his legacy lives on in the eyes and hearts of his family and friends...forever.

Nicholas Ramdeyall

Be You. 
Your you-ness is what we love.

Diversity. Inclusion. Acceptance.
They’re more than just words for us. 

Currently the Rise High Foundation focusses on young adults aged 13 - 25 yrs. We are 100% committed to inclusion across race, gender, religion, and identity.


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